Wall Bracing: Deadman Anchors


Foundation problems have many solutions, and Keating Mud Jacking can find the one that is best suited for your home or business. Bulging basement walls can be straightened or held in place using steel I-Beams, Deadman Anchors, or helical tiebacks.


Deadmen Wall Bracing - Preparing the outside of the wall

A trench is dug 10 feet back from the foundation wall using a backhoe and a 12 inch bucket. The trench extends 4 inches below the dirt grade and down below the footing (approx. 7 feet).


Deadmen Wall Bracing - Preparing the imside of the wall

Two 1 inch holes are drilled through the foundation into the trench. 3/4 inch bolts that are 4 foot or longer are placed through the holes into the trench. A layer of foam is placed between the foundation wall and the trench. Concrete is then poured into the trench. Several days later the nuts are tightened down and 4 inches of dirt is placed over the concrete deadman.

Deadmen Wall Bracing
Deadmen Wall Anchor
Deadmen Wall Bracing - Conceptual Drawing